Adoption Prep

Did you know that the Great Dane actually originated in Germany? Fun fact. I’m spouting factoids like this a lot lately, due to being deep in research about dog breeds. I’m thinking of adopting, you see. It’s not that I want to use this to determine which type of dog to adopt, but more that I’d like to find out what characteristics and health concerns are associated with different breeds so that I know what I’m up for when I find ‘the one’.

Admittedly, I’m mainly just enjoying looking at loads of pictures of dogs. Even the reading material I’ve gathered from a few different vets near me features photos of assorted adorable pups, neatly nestled amidst informative guidelines for canine healthcare. It’s like, how could I favour one specific breed when all dogs are so awesome?

All I really care about is providing a furry friend with a loving home. I’m in a position to take on the responsibility, so why not? In the past, I’ve had what I understood to be genuine friendships with my doggy companions, so it’s just a matter of finding the right match.

It took me a while to fully get over Nutbutter passing away during that operation, and I still feel guilty when I hear about surgery for pets. Bayside friends, do you remember Nutbutter? She was my best friend and I’ll never forget her. But I think it’s time now to find a new friend.

Each of the three dogs I’ve had over the years – all of them adopted from an animal shelter – have been completely different to one another. It’s given me an appreciation for the distinctive personalities that these animals have; they’re very individual. For that reason, there’s probably not a huge amount of point in researching breed characteristics, although it’s probably a little bit informative.

Besides, the pictures are the main drawcard.