Grandad’s Garden Recreated

I just unpacked the last of the boxes! Finally, I can officially say that I’m living in my new house. That’s right – my house, that I own. The most exciting thing about this is being able to get started on the garden, which is currently the ultimate blank canvas – there’s nothing in it whatsoever, which means I’m at liberty to design it literally from the ground up.

The thing is, this adds up to a whole lot of work to be done, which makes me wonder if I should think about getting a professional landscape designer on the case. I’d really like to get the structural features right from the start, so I can get stuck into gardening asap. One thing in particular that I’d like help with is designing and building retaining walls. Melbourne (northern suburbs being no exception) doesn’t seem to be short of a creative landscaping solution, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who can create the type of retaining wall system I have in mind. Admittedly, it is quite specific, but I reckon it can be done.

Basically, I really want red gum timber sleepers and posts that form a kind of pergola surrounded by a series of upwardly stepped planter beds – so the whole garden is circular formation, with several paths leading down to this structure in the centre. Sounds a bit weird, I know, but it’s based on my late grandad’s garden in Scotland, which I remember visiting as a kid before he passed away.

Does anyone have experience with hiring a landscaper? What should I be on the onlook out for? What’s the going rate for landscaping services in Melbourne? North siders – feed me your recommendations, please. Writing this, I’m realising that I really do have my heart set on the garden design I’ve got in mind. As I remember my grandad’s garden, it wasn’t just unique; it was also one of the most functional gardens I’ve ever seen. But yeah, I could definitely go for some professional advice on how it will translate to my property here in Melbourne.