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“It’s not too much to say that gazing at these works is a transporting experience. I mean this in a very straightforward sense. They seem to have the effect of returning one to somewhere they’ve been early in life – sort of like looking through the eyes of  newborn. I don’t have much information to go on about this guy, but suffice it to say that it’s worth checking out this exhibition if you’re in the area. I came away feeling like I’d unearthed a new dimension lying just under the surface of daily life.”

Zoe Cranston-Backer, Art and Psychotherapy podcast, #63, December 2016

“Emerging talent Terri Galdive may be a man of few words, but his work speaks volumes. The voice of the works is undeniably quiet, yet elegantly penetrates a subtle realm that seems to exist just beyond our grasp. It is, perhaps, a pre-linguistic world, where objects lack names, permanence and dividing lines.

“Galdive’s forms, though abstract, evoke an amorphous quality that oscillates between the source of perception and the source of sustenance. In doing so, it viscerally breaks down the conventional experience of ego and brings our knowledge of the world sharply into question.

“It’s less common than you’d think to come across a contemporary artist making genuinely innovative work, let alone one who leaves the viewer completely unhinged from their day-to-day manner of looking at the world. In my view, Galdive manages to pull this off, while also leaving me intrigued as to the nature of his technical process, which is something that I believe to be undervalued in the artworld – that feeling that something is held together almost as if by magic.”


Jeremiah Pavey, Clinical Psychologist and noted art collector, speaking at Art:Right:Now Conference, London, December 2016