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“[Galdive] stands out as a truly fascinating figure in the creative landscape. His work presents a challenge to many, which in my view is what happens when an exceptionally refined vision manifests with simplicity. It’s hard to think of a better way of describing ‘Galapagos’ than as a Zen koan. To the passing glance of a casual observer, it appears to say nothing, yet to the disciplined gaze it says everything.

“It is absolutely apparent that a new level of insight has come into play since ‘Gourmet’. If I could put into words precisely what this is, it would defeat the purpose of the piece. I will say that, if one looks back at his previous collections and take seriously the progression of the whole body of work, one begins to perceive a visionary comment on the nature of the life force that animates organic evolution.”

Dr. Ricardo Villalobos (Director: Colony Collapse Gallery) interviewed in NÜ Pop magazine, May 2018.

“‘Galapagos’ represents a luminous step into the future of conceptual art – a world where the digital and poetic are interwoven in a mythic tapestry of unfettered possibility. I’d been told that Galdive’s work is more than meets the eye, but that didn’t prepare me for the experience of spending time in a room with it. It is timelessly primordial.”

Firenze Berg, Digital Nomad Podcast, June 2018.