Home Buying Around the World

We don’t get many tourists in this part of Melbourne, so I was really excited to welcome Farreh into the group. They’re such a wise culture, even if the lady herself can’t speak much English yet. The whole point is to help foreign nationals get accustomed to Australia and our ways, hence why we meet here and do little conversation exercises while the children play. They learn quite a bit at school, so I like to focus on the parents.

Today’s lesson was on finding a home, and the various ways of doing so. Most of the ladies seemed pretty familiar with real estate agents, but when I said there are services around Melbourne for buyers advocates, I seemed to lose one or two of them. Farreh in particular spent a long time trying to grasp what it is buyers advocates do, which I suppose is fair enough because it took me a while to figure it out as well.

It’s also a tough thing to explain, to be honest. So you’re trying to find a home, but it’s a big investment, so you find someone who knows what they’re doing and have experience buying big homes. That’s the buyers advocate. They search for the home for you, they present you with options, give advice, you talk it out…and then make a decision. It’s a fantastic way to buy a home if you’re not too savvy when it comes to Melbourne property.

That one was a little bit harder to explain to the overseas folks, because buying a home can be quite a different experience across countries. For example, in some countries they buy homes from the government via a catalogue, and people rarely see the home before they move in. So here I am talking about Melbourne, hiring a property advocate, and I might as well be speaking Latin.

But sometimes, explaining harder concepts is a great way to increase vocabulary!