Staffing Agency Secret

Project C.O.L.E. – Report

Project C.O.L.E. (Completely Organic Living Entity) was devised by the brilliant mind of Dr Stein. After many years of technology development, the scientist finally felt ready to move onto the next phase of the Conclave’s plans. This huge step forward will provide the Conclave with a simple way to integrate robots into human society so that they can act as efficient spies. I write this report and send it to an agency for mining recruitment so that the achievements of Dr Stein may be immortalised. 

COLE is the first in a highly advanced line of androids that is virtually indistinguishable from an organic human being. This particular model is based on the appearance of a man who has been deceased for several years now. The design has been specifically chosen to further the goals of the beautiful and highly intelligent Vai, Director of Solar Power for the Conclave of Mechanists.

Although artificial intelligence has long been used in the Conclave’s androids, COLE has virtually been given complete free will, although he has been trained to obey the commands of the beautiful and highly intelligent Vai. COLE’s appearance was specifically chosen to match that of a man once engaged to a woman named Rylee, although he has been missing for many years, presumed dead. The truth is that Cole perished years ago, as witnessed by one Maphira, sister to Rylee. Maphira once confided to Vai – over a drink after work, after they had finished investigating an energy recruitment staffing agency – that she had seen Cole’s end but had felt too guilty over not being able to save him to tell Rylee the truth. 

Tangent aside, COLE will be used to distract Rylee and keep her away from the Conclave, all the while drawing Maphira out of hiding. Vai will tell Rylee that Maphira knew Cole was alive this whole time, but she had kept it a secret as she was jealous of their love. COLE will claim to have been working for the Conclave for the last several years. Rylee should agree to hand Maphira over to Vai, due to her sister’s betrayal.

All going well, two major adversaries of the Conclave will have been removed from the game.

End report.