My name is Terri Galdive, and I create coloured circles. While the degrees of vibrance, clarity and consistency vary with each collection I put out, this foundation remains basically unchanged.

A lot has been said about the meaning of my work. People like to read into it quite deeply, and I’m frequently asked to comment on the accuracy of these interpretations. As to that, I can only say that whatever meaning you derive is correct.

I’m content making my coloured circles and I’m happy that they are enjoyed. Between that, my garden and my travels, I’m happy doing what I do. It’s a simple life, I don’t need much more. If my art brings a smile to other people, that’s a bonus.

I plan to become more involved in the community of artists here in Melbourne. Art has always been my passion. I’m finding, as I get older, I’m more interested in the journey to create.

My hope is everyone finds a little of what they’re looking for in my coloured circles.

– TG


Terri Galdive is currently exhibiting selected new works as part of the Translucent Spheres conference in San Diego. This once underground event – a collaboration between US, German and Australian artists, is garnering an increasing level of recognition within the transformational festival circuit, as well as what is coming to be known as the ‘intellectual light web’.

Dr. Helena Fuego of MirrorCast spoke about Galdive’s contribution to the exhibition on her Hasler Medal-winning podcast. “This way of making and sharing art represents a new paradigm. For me, it encapsulates with clarity what the Spheres event is really about. We’re thrilled to have such a fascinating Australian Artist,” she said.

She went on to describe the pieces as “genuinely experimental, genuinely conceptual… these words mean less with every movement away from the twentieth century. Work of this nature breathes life back into them, yet this life is derived from a source located in the future. It effectively sends us backward in time using the technologies of our as-yet unborn descendents.”

In other news, Terri has given a rare public talk at an Underground Festival in Melbourne. Artist Terri spoke on the DigiThread panel at Lotus Floor to an intimate audience, alongside emerging Australian painter Theresa Hahn and conceptual sculptor kLaus.