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“While it’s clear that the collection concerns the concept of food, agreement among critics ends there. Touted by many as a commentary on the nature of organic substance, the show has proven complex, with others putting forward compelling interpretations of the work as a statement on the feminine. One element that cuts through almost all responses is that Galdive is bringing new flavours to an artworld in dire need of a palette cleanse.”

Dr. Hansel Schwinn, Associate Professor of Fine Art at HZ College


“Terri Galdive sends a message about consumption that the world needs to hear now, if not sooner. If you ask me, ‘Nourish’ and ‘Gourmet’ are two sides of the same coin.”

Martha Josephine Hesterton, Green Tara, LA.


“When an artist holds to a theme as aggressively as Galdive does, it’s reasonable to wonder if they’re afraid to be bold. Yet, if his current show in LA is anything to go by, I’m inclined to say that Galdive is anything but. Continuing to mine the process and aesthetic that brought him success last year in his breakthrough exhibition tour, he brings to these new works a completely fresh dimension that raises the quality of his whole body of work. His earlier works alchemically take on renewed depth in light of this absorbing collection.”

Stina Svenson, Dark Winter Journal (Denmark), October 2017