A unique bathroom

I’m a bit sick of the usual bathroom ‘look’. Surely you guys know what I mean. Bland white tiles, sometimes with black inlays. I’m just a bit over it. I’ve been looking at apartments to buy lately and I’ve noticed every bathroom looks exactly the same. There’s zero personality in any of them and when there’s finally a bathroom that’s not what I like to call ‘hospital white’, it’s the same beige colour. I love houses to have personality and to reflect the quirks of the occupant. There’s only one highly recommended bathroom designer around Melbourne who is a lot more open-minded and willing to explore more adventurous designs. There are probably many people here wondering why I am so mentally invested in how my bathroom and truth be told, I have no idea. I think one part of it is whenever we’re in the bathroom it’s usually when we’re at our most vulnerable or need to be relaxed. I think it’s important for the overall look and atmosphere of the bathroom to have a vibe that allows you to feel at ease. I find older-style bathrooms are a lot better at this as they appear a lot more homely and less sterile.

When it comes to bathroom tiles ideas I’m considering soft pastel colours. I think a soft baby blue tone would be the perfect colour. There’s something about that colour that I find extremely soft and soothing. My partner keeps telling me that white is a better colour as it won’t clash with anything and it is essentially a blank canvas, but I’m afraid I really have to disagree with him. Much to my dismay, most of our apartment is white. I really don’t think the bathroom also needs to be white. I don’t understand the appeal of really white rooms. Why is this such a trend? It’s just so loud and unrelaxing!