Bath Reno Possibilities

It’s been too long since I lived in a house with a bathtub. Now that the warmer weather is here, it’s easy to slip into not giving a toss about that, but I know from experience that I’ll regret not giving it some thought eight months from now. This has happened annually for past several years, and I’m determined to do something about it in a timely manner.

So, here’s the plan: I’m going to buy the designer bathroom I’ve always wanted! It seems indulgent, given that my current setup does the job. But I’ve just received a modest inheritance from my great aunt, and it was she who imparted to me the value of a long soak. I feel like she’d be down with me doing this.

Who do the best bathroom renovations in Melbourne? I don’t want anything too outrageous – just a functional layout and classy look that will make the bathroom an actual room, not just a place to get clean and, you know… all the rest of it. I mean, I won’t settle for one of those silly little half-bathtubs, but I do want it to be proportional to the room, which is not huge.

My friend Vanessa just got a designer kitchen renovation done. Just quietly, the extravagant stone surfaces, dramatic lighting and epic appliances look a bit out of place in her apartment, and it’s kind of obvious that she’s done it in order to dazzle buyers. I’m very happy with my house, so I really want something that goes with it, rather than something that distracts from it.

I think Vanessa is genuinely into her kitchen makeover, but she’s selling, which means she doesn’t have to give much thought to how she’ll feel about it down the track. Regardless, the designer and construction team gave her exactly what she requested, and she was pretty clear on that.

I suppose that, ultimately, a good room design is one that gives the customer what they want. For me, that’s nothing more than a long bath.