Blatant Car Misrepresentation

It should be fairly obvious to everyone at this stage that Her-Bla has gone careening off the rails, and serious action is required. I’m talking letters to the editor, I’m talking leaflet campaigns. I’m talking hashtags, as much as I hate Tweeter and wish it would just go away. I was okay with the show at first, because all their issues were overblown and not really relevant to my life, but their latest episode had me seething because they took some pot-shots at cars. And cars are my thing.

Her-Bla and the sparkly gang jumped through an interdimensional portal to Ringwood, because they needed to get vehicle inspections done. Ringwood, as regular viewers of the saga may know, is well known for that sort of thing; it’s a point of pride for citizens of wonderful Ringwood. Anyway, since the cars are all alive in this fictional universe, car servicing and vehicle inspections were just like going to the doctor, for a car. The car saw the doctor, and the doctor frowned and said that her brake pads were all worn out, she needed six new tires and he recommends that she not carry people around in her any more, since the whole ‘being a car’ business just wasn’t good for her lifestyle, and hang on JUST A MINUTE. She IS a car, why tell her to not be a car? Surely, the purpose of a car is to be a car. This is just confusing for the children.

Anyway, Her-Bla popped up at the end of the episode and gave her usual message, except this time it was addressed those naughty people offering log book servicing near Ringwood, asking them to retire cars who look a bit tired. That’s pretty stupid, but then they made it worse by showing the car in a retirement home, all sun-tanned and happy. The kids are going to get seriously confused about what cars really do.

I can’t allow this. These destructive messages MUST be stopped.