Boss Wizard’s Accounting

They’re all working against me. I know they are. My wizard employees are angry that I haven’t paid them yet, so they are programming the golems in storage so that they will fight against me. They are going to overthrow this factory. But then what? They’ll all be out of the job. Well, the joke is on them, because I’m going to barricade myself in this office with a thousand fireballs ready to rain destruction upon anyone who seeks to take my throne. I’ll never give it up! Never! They should have listened when I told them that tax accounting was getting in the way of their payroll being processed. Now they will never get their pay. I’ll teleport out of this factory with all the gold coins if necessary.

Wait, iron golems are immune to fire damage. What will I do if they send the iron golems after me? Well, let’s see what spells I have in my spellbook. Lightning bolt? No, that will be useless. Ray of fire? Nope. Flaming hands? No chance. What about poison arrow volley? That’s no good either. Oh no, I don’t have a single spell that could stop an iron golem. Hopefully, nobody in the factory realises that, so they just send the candy golems, which I will be able to take out easily enough. If they do send the iron golems, though, I’m in big trouble. Oh, why couldn’t I have just found a small business accounting firm close to Melbourne that was willing to help me? They all said things had to be done “by the book” and “without breaking every tax law in existence”. What a bunch of squares!

Well, I suppose the only thing I can do is teleport right out of here, should an iron golem come knocking on my door. It will be a shame to leave this business behind, but what choice will I have? Everyone here is out to get me. I have to put my life first.

Besides, I have plenty of other wizard businesses to go and run.

– Boss Wizard