Co-working Space Needs Light

There’s a new co-working space on my street, and I think I’m going to join its management committee. Why? Well, because I’m interested in using the place, but am just a tad put off by a few of its features. For starters, they’ve rigged these weird curtains up in the front windows to try and deal with the overwhelming amount of solar penetration. That means there’s not enough natural light in the space. There’s got the be another way of dealing with the sun.

I’m sure I’ve heard of this material that tints windows with some kind of stick-on film. From memory, it’s designed to block UV rays while still let in light – at least, more of it than those danged curtains seem to be. It can’t be that hard to hook this up. So, office window tinting companies in Melbourne: show me your wares! I’m taking charge here.

I mean, we could go all the way and get some commercial decorative window action happening – I’m thinking we could get a local artist to design a logo, and having that faux-sandblasted (i.e. digitally printed) into our window film. Is that going too far? Maybe it is, considering I haven’t really sussed out how far I want to go in affiliating myself with these people… like, seriously, they went for curtains.  

Whether or not I’m getting ahead of myself is beside the point when I think about the fees involved in using the space. It seems to me that if I’m going to become a user, I ought to have some say in how my money gets distributed, and there’s no question of me not putting in my two cents about the window situation.

You know, I think I’ve read that these films reject heat, which would mean potential savings on air con running costs. That’s a leg to stand on in arguing my case. As for the decorative frosting thing – well, that might be a harder sell. Wait, what about an indoor wall decal?

I’m getting ahead of myself again. One thing at a time.