Dad’s Chauffeur Service

Being a single parent to a child prodigy is no walk in the park. You see, Bruno is starting to rise through the ranks of our local dance eisteddfod circuit with a vengeance. What that means for me is transporting him to all manner of after-school classes, rehearsals and clinic appointments, and driving halfway across the state to competitions on weekends.

I think the reason this is stressing me out so badly at the moment is simply that the car has been so mechanically unreliable of late. I get anxious when the engine starts making that grinding sound midway to an important event, fending off visions of Bruno losing out on the blue ribbon just because I put off taking the car to the mechanic.

It’s not like he doesn’t have enough blue ribbons, mind you. But this is the nature of being a parent – you want your kid to have as many blue ribbons as their heart desires, and are willing to do everything in your power to facilitate that. In light of this, it’s time for me put my mind at ease and book a car service. Bentleigh residents can surely recommend a local mechanic that can get my car troubles sorted fast.

This is actually pretty good timing for a vehicular conk-out – there’s a whole ‘season’ of competitions and showcases coming up over summer, which is just around the corner. That reminds me, actually, of how long I’ve been putting off getting a car air conditioning repair. Moorabbin, where Bruno’s home studio is, was insanely hot last year, and I spent the better part of January waiting around in the sweltering driver’s seat while his summer school masterclasses ran overtime.

The things we do for our kids, eh? Don’t even get me started on Bruno’s before-school maths coaching sessions. At least there’s a carpool for that, so he’s not as reliant on my dodgy sedan to give rise to his competitive mathematics career.