Fillers, Dermals, All the Things


Just, fillers everywhere. Everyone getting fillers. Fillers in your dermals, fillers in your lips, fillers in your fillers! Week of Our Lives tackles fillers in an episode for the ages.

I need to get me some fillers, come to think of it. Lorelei’s wedding is coming up, and while she didn’t ask me to be a bridesmaid- not bitter about that, by the way- I still need to look so good that she wishes that she’d asked me. I know for a fact she and the girls went to Ballarat CBD, laser hair removal was on the cards. They do all that good stuff, including fillers.

But I’m just babbling, because far more important was the Great Beauty War of Realsville, which isn’t as dire as it sounds. A new beauty salon opened up, just across the street from the old one, and thus sparked an intense advertising campaign that saw the citizens of the town bombarded with advertising. Ads for lip fillers, ads for hair removal, ads for lip fillers while you’re getting your hair removed! It got to the point where Francesca was wrapping up free samples of leg cream in flyers for her business and lobbing them over people’s fences, whilst Nettie tried to counter this by holding an IRL clickbait event in the town hall promising to reveal the truths of the universe, but it turned out to be a lecture on why anti wrinkle injections did a body good.

The mayor finally stepped in and declared that there would be a great Beautification Demonstration, where Francesca and Nettie would go head-to-head at the village faire, to see who would reign supreme.

And speaking of supreme, I need to get to a anti wrinkle treatment clinic in Melbourne, because if I’m going to show Lorelei what she missed, it needs to be the whole package.