Fishing for Acting

When I heard that I had landed the part of Disgruntled Fisherman Number Three, I was so excited, but that excitement quickly turned into worry. How could I possibly play a convincing fisherman when I have never stepped on a boat in my life, let alone done any fishing! They are going to start filming my scene in a few months so, fortunately, I have a decent amount of time to gather some information about my very important role.

You see, I am a method actor, which means I really need to embrace the role like it is my new life to act effectively. And so, I spoke to my older brother who owns a boat, and I convinced him to let me use it for a while, until I could get a feel for the part. My brother said he’d need to arrange for boat catch installation first, though. Because while he was happy for me to borrow it, I’d need to experience standing on a moving boat before it went into the water. Of course, I have no idea what a boat catch is or how it works, but I’ll soon find out, I suppose.

When I asked my brother about fishing, to see if he had any rods and tackle I could borrow, he explained that he isn’t really a fisherman, either. No, he mostly uses his boat for driving, rather than fishing. However, he did see some snapper racks near Melbourne that we could buy, to help with the fishing experience. I am so lucky to have a brother who knows about all this stuff. I’d be in a lot of trouble if I was working it out on my own. He’s saved me money and a huge hassle, and will ensure that I nail the part of Disgruntled Fisherman Number Three. Thanks, Joey! I have absolutely no idea what I’d do without you, awesome Big Brother Number One!