Glaziers Are Certainly Integral to the Gala

Thank heavens for efficient workmen. If it were for the response time of people around here, we’d never get this event off the ground. And in such lovely surroundings, as well! Hosting the competition at the Melbourne Academy for Uniquely Gifted Individuals will certainly give the whole thing a boost, plus the headmaster apparently didn’t mind all of the conservatory windows being broken.

“Go right ahead! Glass is made for shattering!”

If I were on the school board I’d be a little concerned, but I’m not. The Annual Glass-Shattering Gala is a go, and it’s bigger and bolder than any one that’s come before! Which reminds me, I need to keep the glaziers on standby. Heaven knows it’s been one burden off my shoulders, since there are many such trusted glaziers for hire in Melbourne who’d just love to work on the conservatory. Should be good business for them as well…provided it doesn’t turn out like that one fiasco three years ago, where none of our contestants broke a single pane. For the record, I was not the chairperson then, and I told the rest of the committee that the current batch weren’t nearly talented enough to stand up in front of an audience and break glass using only the power of their voice. Thus, we sat through an entire evening of screeching, warbles and wails, with nary a crack, and the standby glaziers rather glum.

Oh, but this conservatory has a balustrade. How many conservatories have a balustrade? Precious few, I’ll bet. It’s a glass balustrade as well, made of that reinforced type of glass that just feels like quality when you run your fingers along it. I bet you could take a sledgehammer to that there piece of glass balustrading magnificence and it wouldn’t make a dent.

You know what that means…extra points! Although we’ll have to cordon it off. I’ll add it to the list of safety precautions for the audience, along with the goggles, gloves, barricades…and earmuffs for the fainter of heart.

-Monica Elessio