Kid Blocked Drains

I love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but wow… they are an absolute hassle. I’m a member of all these parent support groups in the community and online, and it seems like the vast majority of parents feel the way I do. Kids just do such dumb things. Why on EARTH did my youngest son put his toy race car DOWN THE TOILET? Why did he think that was a good idea?! Because of him, we now have blocked bathroom drains. Melbourne drains tend to be pretty old, so this is just an absolute disaster.

This whole ordeal just happened last night before my son went to bed. He said that if he had to go to bed then so did his car, and evidently his car sleeps in the toilet.

I called a plumber this morning and explained the situation to him. He told me that something like this happens every other week and that his team will easily be able to fix it. Go figure. I’m not surprised that this happens every other week seeing as kids are so dumb. Of course, there are kids all over the city flushing objects down the toilet, it just makes sense.

Tomorrow we will be paid a visit by the drainage contractors. Within Melbourne, there must be thousands of rugrat kids and so I trust the contractor’s ability to deal with this problem that they’ve dealt with so many times before. I’m going to ask the contractor whether or not he’d be so kind as to tell my son that sticking things down the toilet is absolutely not okay. I might even scare him a little and tell him that he’ll have to pay the bill out of his pocket money if it happens again (not that his pocket money would even come close to covering the cost).

I love my kids, but I do wish that they wouldn’t ruin the drains in my home. Being a parent is hard enough as it is.