Let the Conveyancers…Convey!

You know, ‘Week of Our Lives’ sure does bring up certain topics a lot, like conveyancing and aluminium. It makes you think that there’s someone in the script writer’s room with some close, personal connection to these topics, and just keeps writing them into the story.

Oh well…they say you should write what you know! And it’s not like it’s had an effect on the absolutely stellar writing of the show. Nope, it’s just as wonderful as ever!

Although…I’m coming to realise that perhaps it’s not the best representation of the profession. Conveyancers in Realsville are always dealing with things that seem to have nothing to do with their jobs, like steamy office gossip and the attempted concealing of adopted foreign children. I bet it would be a completely different story if you walked into your local conveyancer office. Carnegie isn’t too far from here and I know there is a conveyancing office down that way which I might drop in on.

The only thing happening would be property transfers, and maybe the occasional water cooler conversation about what Chad would be doing on the weekend. Oh, I’m not blurring the lines between fiction and reality! I just think that maybe they should show the characters doing their jobs a bit more often. We learned years ago that Tallie was a conveyancer, but since then I’m not sure she’s had a single story where she’s been shown doing her job. So many people moving home in Realsville, so many steamy and scandalous tales involving people bidding and buying, and Tallie’s job has never come into it? There’s SO much great material to be gleaned from conveyancing solicitors and their day-job, and everyone else’s job for that matter. Let the conveyancers do their job. Let the waste disposal people do waste disposal, and let the doctors…well, actually, there’s a load of medical stories. Some may say too many.

You know, I’m going to bring this up on the forum. I’ll make an official thread and everything.