Mad Pad

Moving into a new home is always a bit of an identity shake-up. I mean, when you’ve lived somewhere for a while, it starts to take on a certain character, absorbing a grab bag of your personal effects and habitual preferences into itself. I’m talking everything from a gradual accumulation of interior decor items selected especially for the space in question, to a perpetual smear on the bathroom mirror that never quite manages to get scrubbed off.

Coming into a new house, I’m always a bit thrown by the blank slate it presents. It doesn’t feel lived-in – at least, not by me. On the other hand, there’s a good dose of excitement in the mix as well. It’s a prime opportunity to take stock of my living space and how I can decorate it to reflect where I’m at in life right now.

I have a few ideas for my new apartment. I’m going to bring my dual love of plants and the Americas into my living room by sticking up some cactus print self-adhesive wallpaper. It will be digitally printed with one of my own macro photos of Harry’s flowering trichocereus peruvianus, so it will 100% my own vibe.

I’m also keen to have a look at some concrete wallpaper ideas – I’ve always wanted an exposed concrete wall, and now it’s seeming possible to at least appear to have one. I know mum is going to hate it – she can’t stand that kind of faux industrial look. Perhaps she’ll warm to it faster if I describe it as trompe l’oeil.

Before you ask, yes – this is idea is perfectly landlord friendly. At least, that’s what I understand to be the case. The wall covering material I’m looking at is not only pre-pasted (making it a viable option for a novice DIY enthusiast like me), but also fully removable. Welcome to the twenty-first century, people!

Throw in a few rugs and floor cushions, and this place is going to feel like home faster than you can say ‘sweet pad’.