My Breaking Heart

I sold THREE records at the Indie Music Gathering (that’s what it was officially called) on the weekend, so now I’ve been spurred to greater artistic heights. I must create, it is what gives me life and breath and also let me buy several coffees because…you know, selling things.

Thing is, I’m in a bit of a creative drought at the moment. I usually turn to my animals, but even they don’t seem to be doing much for me at the moment. I’ve just been wandering through the apartment, jotting down verses about things I see and then never actually finishing them. ‘Ode to the Overly-Burned Toast That Was Okay Once I Put On Slightly More Vegemite Than Usual’ was never destined to be a big hit. Just didn’t seem to have that epic feel I’m after.

Residential Glazing, So Very Heartbreaking’ does have some potential for developing into an epic romance of sorts, although I’m not sure the relationship has enough power to take off. I just saw a glazier from my bedroom window, carrying a very large pane of glass and skirting around the edge of a basketball left on someone’s driveway and for a few seconds, it sort of looked like they were involved in a ballroom dance. Man and pane, locked in an embrace, dancing the afternoon away. Perhaps their love can be besieged by the fact that someone on a skateboard is about to come careening around the corner, and he’ll have to silly scream right before the skateboarder slides underneath the glass. Every great romance comes with complications.

Maybe there can be a dramatic ballroom scene at some point, where the pane descends dressed in a ballgown and the glazier meets her and then his former loveĀ shows up at the ball (some glass stair balustrading), someone gets a drink to the face, and the final verse of the song is…

Oh, it’s no use. Writing songs about things you see from your window is a poor base for an epic drama-ballad. But looking out the window…THAT is dramatic!