Needing More Sleep is Hard…

They had a feature on the news that said people who rise late and go to bed late are shaving years off their life. They ALSO made a point of noting that we can’t help it, and we’re like this genetically. So not only is it bad for you, but it’s not like smoking or drinking. You can’t stop it; you’re wired that way. Hoorah.

Apparently our only hope lies in new medical tech that can wire your biology differently. Some medical researchers are working with folks who do designer lighting solutions to create special lights for people’s homes. Ideally, you have one in every room, and they’re made in such a way that they can control your melatonin. So, you have some stylish designer lighting that wakes you up in the morning, but in a slow, controlled way. And the same lights steadily get dimmer all through the house in the evening, allowing you to be lulled to sleep in a far more natural way than just slamming your laptop lid shut. Before you know it, you’ve been trained to be a normal human who can get up at 6:30 for work and only feel a little bit like death, instead of literally spending a few minutes wishing for it. And then I guess you just fuel up on coffee like everyone else.

Funny how lighting really has an effect on you like that, although maybe that’s been the rationale of ‘the sun’ from the beginning of time. Now you can have the power of the sun in your own home, except it’s Melbourne’s best residential lighting solutions adding both style AND substance.

Still unproven though. Can lights really break a lifetime habit? They should just arrange for a night owl allowance, where us poor victims get recompense for all the years we’re going to be missing out on. A few all-expenses-paid holidays would do. Maybe a nice cruise. It’s so hard to be us.