Offices For Cats

Man, NONE of my friends are into the same stuff as me. And like, it’s not a huge thing for me, bit every now and then I find a TV series or a movie that I really like. I try to recommend it to my friends and they’re all snobby about it. “Ew, pass, I’m not into it.” Good grief…they think all shows are like ‘Pretty Car Dealer Sailor Hoon’ and it hasn’t gone anywhere from the nineties.

Studio Dribble just released ‘The Tax Returns’ in collaboration with Dinki-Dai Animation, and it tells the heartwarming tale of a cat living in an all-cat version of Melbourne and worrying about a hybrid of cat and human problems. Like, he’s the guy in his office who deals with the finances, and the boss wants him to find a quality office designer in Melbourne. He’s just totally flummoxed because half of the office wants scratching posts in every single cubicle and the other half is adamant that the wallpaper be covered in mice, and there’s not enough money in the budget for both. The whole movie isn’t about getting office fitouts, but that’s just an example of the sorts of things that Catsbody has to deal with in his job.

Although I guess the office fitouts do come into play later in the movie when Catsbody befriends a mouse and then gets him an interview, but the mouse is horrified when he comes in and the blatant appropriation of mouse culture all over the walls. See, we’re dealing with complex issues of discrimination, adult problems like dealing with budgets and taxes, and…cats. Can you image cats getting office fitouts. Melbourne┬áis already known for it’s excellent fitouts, I guess the same would be true for cat offices.

And what, I ask you, is wrong with any of THAT? People can be so judgy, just because it’s drawn in a certain style.