Party Food, Not Healthy Food

Golly, everyone’s on the health food nowadays. Ted has made his dramatic body transformation from flab to fab, and now everyone is warding off sugary treats like they’re vampires and sugar is garlic. Personally, I like to enjoy life, and life is all about balance. I like the occasional slice of cake, I’ll have a sugar in my skim cappuccino, I go for a jog every now and then, the dog gets a big beach walk every Saturday and I don’t start huffing and puffing when I have to climb a few flights of stairs.

Perfect balance, everything in moderation. That’s the way I’d run things if I was in charge, anyway. But it seems like everyone is going green and healthy, even the kids. I took Bella to a kids birthday party venue near Brisbane on the weekend. I can’t quite remember the exact place, since I don’t go into the city too often. I stuck around just to see if they needed any parents to help. I didn’t really do much, because they had an entertainer and all the catering was done, but there were SO many healthy snacks. Just carrot sticks and apples slices everywhere. Then the cake came out, and the lady whose kid was being celebrated (one of Bella’s school friends…I really can’t keep up at this point) made a big show of it being a dairy-free, gluten-free vegan cake, for anyone with allergies or food preferences. Well, my food preference would be for something with substance that tastes good, so if I was a kid waiting for a slice of delicious cake, MY preferences would not be met.

Each to their own, I say. But if suddenly real cakes start disappearing from shops and being replaced with that sort of thing, I’m putting my foot down. I was actually pretty impressed by the setup of the indoor play centre for hire in Brisbane, and Bella definitely had a great time at the party. Maybe one for her next birthday. But there will be chicken nuggets and party pies available WITH the carrot sticks, we can be sure of that. Everything in moderation.