Real estate reel

A huge part of working in real estate is being able to keep up with the times. This includes staying up to date on market trends in property and finance, knowing what different suburbs are worth, and understanding what kind of property is desirable. I think I became a real estate agent because I love looking at houses. There’s something about a home that looks luxurious and well kept that I find extremely pleasing. I initially wanted to become an interior designer but I started realising that there was more that I wanted to do within real estate. I wanted to help people find their dream home and to show them houses I’m passionate about. That’s when I decided to shift my focus from interior design to become a real estate agent.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of real estate agents around and I’m starting to find that people tend to just go to the agent that is closest to them. Upon realising this I decided there needed to be a new way for us to stay top of mind. This is why we decided to invest in marketing video production. These videos vary from TV ads, to social media short videos, to videos on our website. We’ve been rolling these videos out over the last six months and I’m already seeing an uptick on how many people are coming into our agency asking to see our portfolio or wanting us to sell their home. Investing in the videos was definitely a smart move and I predict we’ll see a bigger increase in turnover in the coming months.

It was actually my friend who suggested that we hire the most recommended video production company. Melbourne has many production companies but as we have a name for being the best real estate agents, we wanted to go to the best production company so we can get the best videos. We’ve even been able to start including video tours and displays on our websites!