Renovating my relationships in the garden

Driving away from my childhood home, I could feel the fury slowly building up inside of me. I could feel it burning in my chest, the pressure making my head swim. I knew that if I didn’t find a way to calm down I would explode, the only thing I could do was yell. I had all the windows up in my car and the music turned up to full, I yelled as loud as I could. When I had finished with my colourful language, I could feel the pressure in my chest starting to eas. The screaming had given me a small amount of relief.

Rewind a few hours, I had gone to my parents for a visit to share my excitement over the new garden landscaping that I had planned. When I arrived I didn’t even get a chance to put my bag down before mother started complaining. My mother is such a negative force, she’s should be supportive but all she does is pick faults. Instead of defending myself I let her rant for a few minutes in the hopes that she would calm down.

I needed to find the right moment to ask my father for a loan to get the garden renovated. I knew my mother would make a huge fuss and cause a scene but dad would want to help. He has always said that anytime I need financial support I was to come to him. My father is very successful with a high paying job and wants nothing more than to see me happy. Why he’s with my mother I simply can’t understand, they are complete opposites. I knew that if I asked my father for money the neighbours would hear my mother’s scream. I waited until dad had to go outside to tend to his roses and followed him out. I hadn’t been in our yard since the previous year and I was astonished at the work my father had done.

There were wonderful flowers everywhere, it was a delight to see how proud my dad was of his work. He had planted a large area of Dahlias, my favourite flower, and they were all in full bloom. Every year I get dad more bulbs for his garden, it’s the only thing that makes him eye’s twinkle when he smiles.

Last year I had gotten him an assortment of berry plants, I had found a great place that had raspberry plants for sale and had gotten a ton. For my birthday the following year my dad gave me jars of jam made with the raspberries from his crop. I was so happy I cried. I told my dad about my garden landscaping plans while we watered the bulbs.  He told me he would have the money transferred to my account by that evening and was excited for the project. When I walked back inside to make us all tea my mother cornered me in the kitchen. She accused me of manipulating dad into giving me money, I couldn’t hold in my anger anymore. The fight was epic, much was said that needed to be said. My mother walked away and slammed her bedroom door. I packed up my stuff, gave dad a hug and left the house. I knew she would calm down eventually.