Rivalries and Renovations

01:30 PM – Sam’s Update: Sam encounters a team of luxury builders. They’ve challenged him to assist in the construction of a high-end villa. The pressure is on as Sam gets hands-on with the building process.

02:00 PMBen’s Update: Ben finds a local home maintenance service working on a historic landmark. He joins the team, helping with repairs and restoration. Completing this task will not only earn him points but also a strategic advantage.

02:30 PMAdam’s Update: Adam is exploring the vineyards, searching for his next challenge. The serene setting is a stark contrast to the competitive atmosphere of the game.

03:00 PMSam’s Update: With the villa nearing completion, Sam’s efforts are paying off. The luxury builders close to the Mornington Peninsula are impressed with his dedication and skill. A property win is in sight for Sam!

03:30 PMBen’s Update: The landmark restoration is complete, thanks to Ben’s hard work. He earns valuable points and secures the location for his Capitalism board. A strategic move by Ben!

04:00 PMAdam’s Update: Adam finds his next challenge at a coastal trail. He must navigate through a series of obstacles to reach a hidden property marker. The race is on!

04:30 PMSam’s Update: Sam successfully completes the villa construction, claiming the luxurious property. A significant victory for Sam as he strengthens his position in the game.

05:00 PMBen’s Update: Ben takes a moment to strategise, planning his next moves to outmaneuver his friends. The competition is fierce, and every decision counts.

05:30 PMAdam’s Update: Adam completes the coastal trail challenge, marking another property on his board. He’s catching up to his friends, setting the stage for an exciting finish.

06:00 PMDinner Break: As the sun sets, the friends gather virtuallyfor a well-deserved break. They share stories of their afternoon adventures, each boasting about their latest acquisitions. The rivalry is palpable, with the final leg of the game promising to be a thrilling showdown.

Stay tuned for more live updates as the game of Capitalism continues on the Mornington Peninsula! Who will emerge as the ultimate capitalist?