Selling My Car To Go To Spain

Only two months until I’m off to Spain for the foreseeable future! There’s so much to do before I leave – not least, selling my car. It’s in pretty good nick, so I reckon I can get a decent number of beans for it; it’s just a matter of convincing the buyers that that’s the case. I know that, when I’ve been in the market for a used car in the past, I didn’t really trust any of the sellers as far as I could throw them.

Mum reckons I should find a mechanic that does RACV vehicle inspections. In Ringwood, according to her, everyone looking to buy a used car wants to run a pre-purchase inspection, so you might as well do the footwork on their behalf and provide them with the report. I don’t know, though – I’d imagine that buyers might want to recruit those services independently of the seller.

Of course, I do need to look into getting a RWC, stat. Can anyone recommend a licensed vehicle tester for roadworthy certificates in Ringwood? Like I said, the car’s in good condition, so I’m fairly certain it’ll pass muster, but I’m happy to jump through the hoops to get this thing sold. If I get it tested at a service centre, I might as well sign up for a full logbook service while I’m at it; surely, that can only sweeten the deal for prospective buyers.  

I wonder what else I can throw into the bargain that’s likely to up the price? A wash and vacuum, for sure. I should be able to get that thrown in for free if I book a service. And I suppose I could offer to drive the car to buyers for their perusal, provided that they’re close to Ringwood – Mitcham, Vermont or Croyden.

Okay, this is my project for the next couple of weeks: get this car looking as schmick on paper and in person, and proceed to score myself a sweet deal. I’ll need all the spare dollars I can get once I touch down in Spain.