Soaking up the summer heat

I am a creature of the heat, and also a creature of light. So summer is great, basically. Long, warm days where I can soak up all the rays I could possible want. I’m also a chronic worrier, however, so I tend to spoil things by worrying about the onset of winter. I live in Brisbane, so you might think I’m being overly dramatic. I hear Melbourne can get cold- like, actually cold, in that a person from Scotland might think it was a bit nippy- even though I’ve never experienced it. I point-blank refuse to travel anywhere south during the winter; that’d just be insane.

It’s getting to the point where I almost think I have some sort of cold…phobia. Frost-phobia. Cryophobia? That sounds about right. Maybe I was just born different; as in, different skin and everything. People keep wondering why I have no air conditioning. Melbourne is a place where that thing is practically ubiquitous. Even super-low-cost apartments in the south-east (the place where everyone fears to tread, except if you live there in which case you are the one who is feared)…they have air con. I’m not saying I live in Leovale or anything, but it’s not bad. Still, I refuse to have that thing installed. Why would I ever want to be cooler? If I wanted to be cooler, I’d drink some iced water, which I can easily access by going to my freezer. I never really have to, though.

I’m about 90% certain that I could trek through the Sahara Desert with no issues, whereas going on holiday to Wales in the spring might just finish me off. No need of air con, and honestly, if you’re one of those people who has it on full blast 24/7 in the summer…fine. If you want to shell out the bucks for top quality air conditioning repairs. Melbourne probably has tons of people to suit your needs. I’ll just bask in the rays like an overgrown lizard.