Standards for Tea

There’s NOTHING worse than having to find a new hangout spot when your perfect place gets shut down. Nothing. NOTHING.

So it turns out Madame Insensé was running an illegal money-laundering business out the back of her tea shop, and we just never knew. All those hours we wiled away there, sipping quality tea. Turns out that quality, imported tea was purchased with taxpayer money. Oh, how Madame Insensé could have fallen so low as to become ensconced with material things!

So now our group needs a new cafe that’ll accept our tastes and hobbies, i.e. one that’ll let me play my music while we sip tea.

I suppose there’s always…Tea-Zone. I heard they got some wonderful and contemporary kitchen design recently, after the health inspectors came by to remove all the jars of bacteria. The whole chain decided to re-brand, which meant extensive kitchen makeovers that means that the kitchen now surrounds the tea area. I suppose this means that there’s no chance of them illegally laundering money out the back, since we can SEE the back, but I’m not sure how I feel about there being no quiet corners for us to discuss the universe and other profound things. Also, Tea-Zone has a bit of a reputation for being…corporate. They make wonderful tea, but they ARE a chain, which means they’re in there with the Man, man. Tea shops aren’t supposed be *successful*. They’re not supposed to be *full*. They’re not supposed to have enough money to totally re-brand and get extensive industrial kitchen design.

Tea shops are exclusive, and they exist for a select group of tea-lovers who are happy and comfortable in the fact that they’re hip and niche. I also really don’t know their music policy. But I really hope it’s open and welcoming…of all styles.