Stick To the Ground

I like the idea of flying cars as much as the next person, but it’s all just speculative, and very emotion-driven. That new society had the gall to come to the Futurist Club and ask us to merge with them. Um, slow down…I know we don’t have thousands of members, but we’ve been going for a lot longer, and we’ve given the future a lot more thought than you have.

Like just yesterday, when Percival gave us a fascinating presentation on automobiles, the very thing they’re all so obsessed with in their crusade. Except we don’t have any ideas of them taking to the sky. Can you imagine how complicated traffic would be?

When Percival was growing up in Bentleigh, auto servicing was in something of a golden age, with people coming from far and wide to get their auto electrical done. This was due to several factors: because it was where the most popular car was being sold, because of all the Bentleigh Car Shows that were being hosted at the time, and there was a weird period in between 1969 and 1973 when a bunch of charlatan mechanics were setting up shop with half-baked qualifications, and it destroyed a lot of trust. The ones in Bentleigh were simply good enough to resists the chaff and expel them from the suburb.

Anyway, Percival is of the opinion that auto electrical is going to take over the entire industry. While an important component at the moment, essential you would say, electrical cars are just the future. See, the sun is going to experience massive solar flares after we invent giant catapults to fling all of our rubbish into it, and while the ozone layer will be entirely decimated and all the polar ice caps will melt, it WILL make solar power 600% more efficient, leading to the situation where auto electrical services, Bentleigh golden-age style, will be standard.

You trundle along in your armoured vehicle, get services from a friendly mechanic, and off you trundle. True, most of the world will be on fire, but we won’t have fossil fuels any more, so that IS a plus.