Successful trip to the podiatrist

I couldn’t have been more ecstatic. After only one week of doing the exercises that the podiatrist had given to me, I was in the clear. I had not felt this good for a while, at least a week anyway. I had been stuck in some very awkward positions after a recent tennis tournament. I must have caused some damage to my Achilles tendons because when I woke up the following day, I couldn’t walk. My doctor had passed me onto a podiatrist to sort out what was going on with my achilles tendinitis. I had to take a week off work to allow my foot to recover, which I didn’t mind much. I just wanted to be able to function like a human should.

I had been walking around like a robot for the past week, so it was a huge relief to hear that the podiatrist near Bentliegh was impressed with my recovery. I had done a great job at taking care of myself. I had focused intently on getting doing all the right things to get my foot back in action. I didn’t want to put up with the pain anymore, and I never wanted to experience anything like this again. I dedicated the past few weeks of my life to strengthening exercises, and it had paid off. I knew that I would have to keep up with my exercises in order to make a full recovery but I was dedicated to the road to recovery.

I had a follow up appointment scheduled with the podiatrist that went very well. The foot specialist told me that it was all looking good, and that I would no longer have to worry about pain when I walked. I gave the podiatrist a big smile and thanked him for all his help. I asked if it was likely to ever happen to my foot again, and he told me to keep up with my exercises and try to sleep in a normal position. With that, he wished me all the best and I went home a very happy woman.