Tactful Depictions of Tree Removal, On My Television?

Everyone’s going crazy over their love for the new superhero movie, Snack Banter, and here’s me just wondering what all the fuss is about. The CGI looks a bit ropey from the trailers, and I’m not so sure about the plot concerning a guy becoming king of a hidden nation that spends most of its time in front of the TV, snacking on junk food and trading jokes about what they see. I mean, they made a whole movie out of that, with conflict and everything? Huh.

Maybe I’m making snap judgements. I mean, I hated the look of Tree Fellers from the trailer, and now it’s my favourite show. Yeah, I kinda thought the fact that I was 1/16th Irish meant that I’d be offended, but actually, the references to Ireland are more tactful than you’d expect. The references to tree removal services in Melbourne? Even more tactful. They even brought out that Tree-Shaver-6000 that Lawrence Corp recently released, the one that’s supposed to make the job of an arborist 60% more efficient. And then the writers managed to resist the typical sitcom rut of just making the characters screw up and use the technology incorrectly. So far as I know the show isn’t sponsored by tree felling people, or Lawrence Corp, so they don’t have an obligation to do anything of the sort. But instead, the plot of the episode was based around Ciaran trying to get hold of one of these amazing machines, but never quite being able, so he tried to make his own.

Oh man…the hilarity when it went totally off the rails and he accidentally sheared through the next-door neighbour’s flowerbed, leaving it looking like the scene of a horrific crime. And then he tried to blame the tree pruners. In Melbourne, tree pruners would never be so clumsy! So now he and old Mrs Finlay have a full-blown rivalry; can’t wait to see how THAT develops.