Termite affected areas across Melbourne

When getting a pest inspection across Melbourne, you will most likely hear about white ants. White ants are also known as termites, and they are an insect which eats wood. Termite colonies are partial to take up residence under houses, which provide a damp environment with plenty of wood to snack on. Certain cities have particularly high termite infestation rates, usually those in coastal or bay regions including Frankston and Mornington. Pest inspections are a must for people who live in particular old houses in area of high moisture. Due to the prevalence of termites in Melbourne, most insurance policies will not pay out for termite damage, so it is important to ensure you purchase a home free from termites, and take appropriate measures to prevent infestation.

Once termites have infested a house, it is notoriously difficult to get of them. Termites must be killed rather than disturbed, as they will simply find a different place to snack on, usually within the same house. If left untreated, termites can cause so much structural damage to a house that it may need to be demolished and rebuilt.

Until the floor starts to cave in, it is unlikely that you’ll notice the signs you have termites. A trained inspector will be able to spot the telltale signs long before they become an issue. When inspecting a house, there are a few things to look for that indicate termites, but the absence of these signs is not always conclusive.

If your neighbours have had problem with white anits it’s a fair bet that unless you have termite guards installed your property will be affected. It’s always advised to get termite inspections for homes in Dandenong as there is a high rate of incidents in the area.


Despite the name, white ants are not particularly closely related to lovable household ants. Instead, they are a close cousin of the cockroach. Like cockroaches, termites are nightmarish creatures which make you want to destroy your entire house and everything in it.

Termites have complex social structures with specialised functions, reminiscent of bees.


You should take the time to know about the hazard presented by termites, and understand why is it important to obtain a pest inspection before purchasing a new home.