The Steel Factory

“As you can see, we boast one of Melbourne’s largest and most efficient factories,” said the guide, who led Rylee through the impressive factory for steel manufacturing. “This year alone, we have produced a hundred thousand units, with a million more on the way. Most impressive, wouldn’t you say?”

Rylee nodded. “I had no idea the process for Melbourne steel fabrication was so complicated. This is going to be quite the story. Do you think I would be able to grab a quote or two from Jon Saleson himself?” She tapped her notepad, which she’d been pretending to write in all morning.

The tour guide shook his head. “I’m afraid not. Mr Saleson is a very busy man. He has no time to answer questions from reporters.”

“Oh, that’s a shame.” Rylee glanced around the factory. “Where is Mr Saleson, by the way? I haven’t seen anything that looks like an office yet.”

The man pointed across the assembly line of the business offering steel beams. Melbourne buildings would have plenty of steel beams from this place, Rylee supposed. “As you know from the tour, we do not just produce steel here. The recent expansion into glass manufacturing saw Mr Saleson move his office to the other end of the glass department.”

Rylee thought about making a break for it then but decided against it. Better to distract the tour guide first. She needed to speak with Jon Saleson or this whole trip would be for nothing. If anybody here had answers, it would be him.

“Do you think you could show me his old office?” Rylee asked. “At least that way I can include a tidbit or two about your boss in the story. It would be a huge help.”

The man sighed. “Oh, I suppose that couldn’t hurt. Follow me.”

She waited for him to get a few steps ahead, then turned and ran toward the glass department.