The Trials of the Socialite

People honestly think that being a socialite is easy. For real! It’s the same thing as people thinking that acting is easy, or pet-sitting is easy. Uh, you don’t KNOW, until you do it yourself. You don’t know how someone travels across the city just to walk one dog. You haven’t experienced the grind of getting up at 4 am so that you can begin shooting a scene where you have to stand there in freezing temperatures, but it’s sunny so you have to pretend on camera that you’re not cold, for hours at a time. As a socialite, I mix with all these people. I know their stories.

And even then, the job is so tough. Just yesterday I got a call from my manager saying that they’d booked me an appointment with a beauty clinic that does anti wrinkle injections in Melbourne, because they heard a bit of chatter at the Charity Ball in Keymore and some people had been saying that I looked tired. So I can’t let that stand, fair enough, but there was another event that very night, so I had to hurry to and from the anti wrinkle injection place and hope that it was a good job.

It must’ve been, because the buzz was a lot more positive and I even scored a mention in ‘Vapido’, the celebrity gossip magazine. Quite the honour, I’ll have you know. Oh, but that wasn’t the only time, far from it. I’m always having to visit places to get lip fillers, eyebrow tattooing, dermal fillers, and goodness knows what else. On the plus side, I can tell you the best clinic for dermal fillers, Melbourne┬áhas many to chose from. Then I have to go to one party after another, smile at people, have the same conversations over and over again, pretend every single cause is my ultimate favourite cause, and you get the picture. Not as easy as it sounds, is it?

Patricia Bracknell