Tops Signs You Might Have A Pest Infestation

Living in Australia, we are at risk of getting mauled by any number of large and deadly creatures as soon as we step out our door, if the typical stereotypes are to be believed. The fact is that while Australia does have a large number of deadly, venomous and massive creatures, most of the ones we come into contact with are much smaller in size, and much less dangerous. One of the biggest problems that Australian residents face is tiny and lives inside many of our homes.

Pests and vermin of all kind cost billions of dollars every year, and are a huge nuisance. Thankfully pest control companies based in the Mornington area are up to the task of dealing with this huge problem. Be it termites, ants, rodents or otherwise, there are a few signs that can warm you that you might have some unwanted guests living in your house.

Cockroaches: These creepy critters almost exclusively travel in large groups; rarely will you see one on their own. If you do spot a lone roach, the odds are high that there are dozens, if not hundreds more around the property. Dark places are the home of cockroaches, especially underneath and behind furniture and fridges. Shining a bright light under fridges is a sure way to stop these pests.

Termites: White ants are by and far the biggest pest problem facing this country. Up to 1/3 of all homes in Australia are, or have been, infested with termites (sometimes called white ants). The key to spotting termites is to look where the wood is, both inside and outside of your home. If your timber feels hollow, or there are tunnels in the walls of your home, that’s a huge red flag for termite occupation. If you do suspect termites, be sure to contact your local pest inspections team; timely action is crucial. If you are termite free, you can help it stay that way be keeping your timber free of moisture and keeping mulch away from your home’s foundation.